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  • How long does a session last?
    The appointment takes a total of 1.5 hours. We start with a short intake. Then the session follows; it always takes 50 minutes. There is music for 40 minutes and the last 10 minutes consist of light and silence. Your system needs this silence to integrate the session. After the session we talk briefly and you get to drink a refreshing glass of Superieur Electrolytes - pure nature!
  • Why do I have to drink water with electrolytes after my session?
    During the detoxification process you lose water and minerals in your body in addition to toxins. Not drinking enough water can dehydrate your body. If you only drink water without electrolytes, you will replenish your water, but your body may feel sore and you may experience cramps at times. Some people may find that they urinate excessively, which is a possible sign that they are not absorbing the water they are drinking. Electrolytes are minerals that help transport blood that carries oxygen to your cells. If you don't replenish your electrolytes, your body has less ability to move your blood and carry oxygen to the cells.
  • What does Cocoon do to contribute to a better world?
    We think it is very important that Harmonic Egg is also available for people who have less money to spend. For people who can greatly benefit from a session, we have reserved the *Cocoon Special*. Do you know or are you someone who could really use a session in the Harmonic Egg but don't have the financial resources? Nominate him/her by sending an email and justify your choice. A limited number of spots are available each month.
  • What clothes should I wear during a session?
    Wear comfortable clothing, preferably made of natural materials and avoid the color black. Jewelery and shoes are removed for the session. The phone is put on airplane mode so you won't be disturbed. We provide comfortable, warm blankets to keep you nice and warm during your session so that you can fully relax.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    Every person is different, has a different background, a different constitution. It is therefore impossible to determine in advance how many sessions are needed.​ On average, we see that most people need 3-10 sessions to achieve good results. There are 3packs and 6packs available, and of course the membership; for half a year, a session once a month at the most advantageous rate! Once in balance and where you want to be, we recommend planning a 'maintenance' once every four to six weeks.
  • How does it work?
    The wooden space is a resonance chamber, comparable to a guitar. A guitar has six strings, each with its own tone. When a guitar string is struck, it vibrates and creates a rich spectrum of harmonic partials. The strings then transfer their sound to the guitar's body, where they set up an internal resonance in the air chamber created by the body, causing the guitar's backplate and frontplate to vibrate. These vibrations cause the air to compress and harden, creating the compression waves in the air ​​that our ear interprets as sound. In the Harmonic Egg a similar process takes place as in the sound box of the guitar. Not only the ear 'hears' the music in the resonance box, but your body also receives the music. The vibration created by the music bumps (very subtly) against the body; after all, the resonance box is closed. The Harmonic Egg uses pieces of music that were almost all created for the Harmonic Egg with the intention of raising the vibration and healing the human system.
  • Hoe kan ik de rittenkaarten en memberships aanschaffen?
    Boek online jouw sessie, klik op 'offline betalen' en we regelen de betaling van het membership of de rittenkaart in de studio.
  • What can I feel after my session?
    Usually people feel very relaxed after their Harmonic Egg session and have a great night's sleep. Some people tell us that they feel energized and really focused after their sessions. Others are very tired and unable to do anything. It's different for everyone. A session needs about 5 days to integrate, so it can sometimes take a little longer before you feel anything. After a session you will be detoxing for 5-7 days, so we recommend that you eat healthy, drink 2 to 3 liters of water (with electrolytes) per day and rest.
  • Who is the Harmonic Egg for?
    Harmonic Egg is for everyone; from young (baby) to old, there are no exceptions. Even if you are pregnant, a session is completely safe. In fact, it is highly recommended to do a session when you are pregnant! Not only you, but also your baby can enjoy the music, the relaxation and the connection with the mother.
  • What is the Harmonic Egg?
    Harmonic Egg is an energetic resonance chamber that uses light, sound, frequency, vibration and specific shapes. The combination creates balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and promotes health. From this balance, the self-healing capacity of the body is stimulated.
  • Hoe kan ik betalen bij Cocoon?
    Als je online boekt, kun je online betalen of 'offline betalen'. Offline betalen betekent in de studio, na jouw sessie. Dit kan cash (graag gepast!) of via een betaalverzoekje. Het is mogelijk een BTW factuur te ontvangen.
  • I have claustrophobia, now what?
    If you have claustrophobia or don't like being in a closed space, we'll leave the door of the Harmonic Egg slightly open, however you like. You will still receive the wonderful benefits from it. If you decide to close the door and change your mind afterwards, there is a doorbell in the right side pocket of the seat. Ring the bell and we'll be right there to open the door. the purpose of the Harmonic Egg is to provide relaxation, so we do everything we can to make it that way.
  • What makes Harmonic Egg unique compared to other meditation rooms or relaxation cabins?
    The Harmonic Egg is made of wood. The wood is specially chosen based on its vibration frequency and availability. Different woods have different properties, and their energies combine and enhance the integrity of the Harmonic Egg. The wooden structure is double laminated, especially for resonance. Musical instruments, such as a guitar or violin, are made to amplify the notes being played. The Harmonic Egg was designed with that in mindresonance, just like a musical instrument or concert hall. The design of the Harmonic Egg determines which music harmonizes in the Harmonic Egg (not all music works), and which tones are good for the body. These music frequencies combine with the light, color and gentle vibration, creating a relaxing environment for the body to let go and promote homeostasis. No plastic is used in the construction of the Harmonic Egg. The lighting consists of mercury-free LEDs, and the resonance chamber contains no toxic substances that could endanger the health of the client. There are very low EMFs in the Harmonic Egg. No further use is made of bluetooth, wifi or other wireless connections. ​Each session is unique. The extensive combination of music selections and colors create hundreds of variations, providing creative solutions for each individual client, every time.
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